Hello Phyllis!

I just wanted to take the time to let you know just how thankful I am that I found you. You were and ARE wonderful! You helped me make all of my wedding experience unforgettable. Floyd told me I would be getting the best and he was not lying. Ever since I got back from my honeymoon all I have heard is, "you had a wonderful wedding and the food was absolutely the best" and all I can do is agree and tell them I had the best help. You will never know how much all you did for Chris and I meant to us both but all I know to say is THANKS A MILLION!

Thank you also for telling me about Selma (even though I never met or talked to her) for Hal, he was so helpful and alleys so easy to talk to and let's not forget Linwood, he is right on top of my list with you. You both help give us a wonderful day and we feel so blessed that we had the two of you to share the whole experience with. I will call you when we get the pictures so maybe we can get together but we are going to have to make it a point to try and see each other because I feel you are a part of the family now.

Take care and I will talk to you soon! Oh, one of my friends told me the other night that I needed to call you and order her a to-go order because that was the best food that she had EVER had. I thought you would like to know that.

Thanks Again,

You were awesome. Thanks sooo much, everything turned out so much better than expected ..our expectations were high!

I wished I could tell you that your fish was amazing, ...but then ...what would I say about your chicken, or mushrooms, or appetizers... EVERYTHING was PERFECT and I don't say that very often.

And despite my in laws' great experience with Beaufort Grocery for 20+ years, we are all so glad we didn't have them cater for us. You were responsive, attentive, well-organized and fabulous from the beginning, and your food tops all of that.

If you ever have difficult customers like us again, who want to have a reference, please have them get in touch with us. We can highly recommend you and wish everybody for their wedding caterer like you. You took so much pressure off. I knew my back was covered with you organizing so much more than just the food!

Thank you so much for being part of and contributing to our very special day. Your flexibility in changing the date on such short notice was tremendous.

Leonie and Dane

You did it! And it's finally over for me!!

I could not have been any happier when I walked into Star Hill and saw how beautiful the tables looked. The time you spent making the rehearsal dinner so special for me and my family is very appreciated and even made me cry. It was so hard to be in another state and unsure of what to do for this event. You made it very easy.

I have to admit that not hearing from you very often made me a little nervous, since I have never had to do a rehearsal dinner before, but you outdid yourself and I thank you so much.

The food was delicious. I had so many compliments from the guests. Your staff was friendly and helpful. I am thankful that you were able to do both events. The cole slaw was delicious... well, so was ALL the food (We each had our favorites)! And, that fruit was unbelievable... my grandson ate almost all the fudge sauce and strawberries himself!

The wedding buffet was outstanding and again I heard many compliments. I'm sorry that someone said something mean to you. I'm hoping it was due to the stress of the event. Regardless, no one has the right to be rude. So, forget them and their bad manners!

I think having a wedding at one's house is so much more difficult than at a reception hall. You had many obstacles to work around at the home and I think you did perfectly. And as I said before, your staff did a great job.

EVERYONE had a fabulous time. My son and his bride were thrilled with both events and really, isn't that the most important thing?

PS - send me some barbecue and cole slaw, HAhahaha!

Again, Thanks for everything,

Thank you so much for you great food, hard work and flexibility. Everyone had only praise for your food. Thanks also for lending us all those beach towels. I had good intentions of washing them before I gave them back, but ran out of time.

Thanks again!!!!!


Thanks so much for all the great organization and tireless work you put into our parties. Things worked out so well, and I certainly agree with you. Phyllis is an excellent cook! I am sorry that things were hectic on Sunday morning as we were leaving to get people to the airport and i could not spend more time meeting your son and talking to Rudi. Thanks so much for everything.



Thank you so much for the wonderful job you and your girls did for my reunion party. Sandy and Susie were just perfect in every way. You have chosen good staff to enhance your service.

The food was EXCELLENT and prepared so attractively. The girls may have told you we had a lot left over but it was in no means because it wasn't good. The people were just so excited talking to everyone that they just didn't eat a whole lot.

Again, thank you. I'll look forward to working with you again when the occasion arises. I just don't entertain on a large scale anymore. I will be planning to have my 1959 reunion in three years and would love for you to help me with it.


Hi Phyllis,

I wanted to just let you know how pleased we all were with everything you did for the wedding. The food presentation and service, all were great!!!!! So many folks commented on the food. It was all very delicious. Your servers did a wonderful job and were a pleasure to have there.

Again, thank you and all you did to make this day very special for all of us.

Kind Regards,

Dear Phyllis,

I'm still in awe of how you and your staff managed to salvage what could have been a total disaster on Saturday May 21 and turned it into a wonderful celebration.

The food was delicious, the service was great and everything was very pretty, too.

Thank you again for all you did to make the wedding and reception for Angie and Steven such a memorable occasion.

Gratefully yours,